London School of Digital Marketing Graduate Cara Ackerman

Cara Ackerman

Professional Diploma


“More confidence when working on campaigns and proposals for my clients.”

Tell us a bit about your experience before the London School of Digital Marketing

Having worked for over 30 years with an international textile company I creatively used various forms of media to communicate and promote their brand to other businesses and to the public.  I was responsible for managing and implementing all their digital marketing activities.  This was achieved without any formal training or qualifications.


What influenced your decision to study digital marketing?

When the local office closed I was made redundant and, as I had a real passion and interest in digital marketing, I felt it was the right time to gain more formal qualifications.  I love role that digital marketing plays in building brands and communicating with a wider audience in a way that traditional marketing is not always able to achieve.


How interactive was the Class/Workshop and did the practitioner use real life case studies or examples of work they’ve done?

The practitioner used various real life studies to illustrate the different modules on the course.


Since completing the course, how has your Career progressed or how is your knowledge of digital marketing?

I am now offering my creative services freelance and, by completing the course, have a lot more confidence when working on campaigns and proposals for my clients.


Is there any advice you would give to new students at London School of Digital Marketing?

Take as many notes as you can and also do not be afraid to ask questions if there is something you do not quite understand.  Also use the after support offered as it is invaluable when working on your assignment.


In one word, how would you describe your time in the Digital Marketing Institute?