Mobile Marketing


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Course Features

  •  Duration: 3 hours
  •  Skill level: All levels
  •  Language: English
  •  Assignment: Yes



This module will help you to create and deliver effective mobile marketing campaigns. You will cover the concepts and trends underpinning mobile marketing, and take an in- depth look at SMS campaigns and mobile optimized websites.

You will look at the emergent trends within the mobile space and recognize the new opportunity afforded by “always on” mobile devices, for interacting effectively with specific audiences based on context and location.

The Mobile Marketing module covers the key concepts and terminology used within the field of mobile marketing and provides you with the technical knowledge and skills to build and maintain an effective mobile marketing strategy. You will develop the knowledge and skills to run effective campaigns through the selection of appropriate tools and resources, and through mobile subscriber list management techniques.



Key Concepts
Opportunities & Risks
Mobile Devices
SMS Content
SMS Strategy
Mobile Advertising
Mobile Optimized Websites
Mobile Apps
The Big App Decision
Proximity Marketing
Mobile Coupons & Ticketing
Strategic Steps
Marketing Goals
Review & Testing
Key Trends
Social Media Channels