Digital Marketing Certifications Don’t Matter, But They Absolutely Do Matter!

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In 2015, Jeff Hackert made an interesting statement “Titles don’t matter, but they absolutely do matter.” This quote reflects the polarizing views surrounding certifications in the professional world. While some argue that certifications are irrelevant, others see them as essential. In reality, the truth lies somewhere in between these two extremes.

Why Certifications Are Dismissed

One argument against the importance of certifications is that they do not guarantee experience, mastery, or competence. This viewpoint holds merit as some individuals can cheat the system through brain dumps, memorizing exam content without truly understanding it. Additionally, certifications alone cannot replace the knowledge gained from real-world experience, as the conditions in practice often differ from controlled lab environments. Entry-level exams, in particular, do not indicate mastery, which is best achieved through hands-on.

However, exceptions like high-profile certifications such as The Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing offered by the London School of Digital Marketing exist, where cheating becomes highly improbable. Overall, 80% of the course is practical e.g. we use real websites as a case study to carry out practical exercises and learn the factors that contribute to your website to be ranked high on search engines such as Google.
Nevertheless, despite these valid concerns, certifications should not be outright dismissed, especially considering those who lack opportunities to gain experience through their jobs.

The Importance of Certifications

Certifications do hold value as they provide a certain level of validation for one’s knowledge. They instil confidence in individuals who lack experience and empower them to engage in meaningful discussions about specific technologies. By pursuing certifications, beginners are offered a structured learning path, which simplifies the overwhelming task of deciding where to start. Entry-level exams serve as on-ramps into a particular field, equipping learners with foundational knowledge that can be further developed through practical experience. Moreover, certifications carry the benefit of incorporating relevant keywords on social media profiles and resumes, enhancing visibility and attracting potential employers.

The Role of Certifications in Hiring Decisions:

While certifications may demonstrate a candidate’s dedication and discipline, they should not be the sole basis for hiring decisions. Employers must identify knowledge gaps and assess overall suitability for a role, regardless of certification credentials. Certifications serve as indicators of potential, but they cannot predict actual performance.

Overall, obtaining a certification provides people with the confidence and motivation needed to delve deeper into these technologies and gain the practical experience one lacked. Ultimately, certifications revitalize or upskill careers and reignite the passion for learning.


Investing in certifications, London School of Digital Marketing students progress to higher roles, receive pay rise and provide opportunities to career changers or entry. Passing London School of Digital Marketing exam serves as validation, but the true value comes from gaining and experiencing practical learning from our industry practitioners and engaging with a community of learners. A course such as the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing course upskills and exposes participants to continuous learning opportunities.

If you find yourself stuck, overwhelmed, or uncertain about where to invest your time to enhance your professional skills, consider embarking on a certification path. By investing in yourself and embracing the certification process, you can embark on a fulfilling journey of growth and career development.

For further assistance and resources, you can visit London School of Digital Marketing where you’ll find valuable information and guidance on certifications and digital marketing education.