London School of Digital Marketing Graduate

Maud Diaby

Professional Diploma


“Studying the Professional Diploma exposed me to the entire digital ecosystem. The course has an emphasis on Social Presence, Digital Strategy Planning, SEO/SEM and has given me a very strong skill set of understanding the relationship between customers and technology, which I believe, will be of strong value for my career.”

Tell us a bit about your story before enrolling in the Professional Diploma?

Before I studied the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing course I had a Masters in Information and Communications. The experience I gained from my Masters course was mainly theoretical knowledge coupled with few practical experiences in the media industry and working for a market research company.


What influenced you to study Digital Marketing?

What made me decide to study digital marketing was that I’ve always been passionate about working in the digital marketing field. However, I had only come across digital marketing through my university course in Media. Both of them come naturally to the digital marketing but I wanted to obtain a certificate from an accredited course.


What made you study with London School of Digital Marketing?

The first thing that attracted me to London School of Digital Marketing was that their courses are fully accredited by professional governing bodies such as Scottish Qualifications Authority. The second thing was their Advisory Council (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Google) support their educational syllabus by ensuring the consistency of the content and quality of industry-certified training. The training is fully informative. The practitioners were very informative and explained things in details including enhancing my opportunities of finding a job.


What advice would you give to new students at London School of Digital Marketing?

The course is intensive and fun at the same time. Don’t hesitate to ask loads of questions and be focused on course. I thought I knew things about digital marketing but technology is rapidly changing and massively influencing customers’ purchasing behaviour so there’s always loads to learn and keep up with the customer who has run 10 miles ahead of business.