Tom Gilpin

Professional Diploma


“The course is a great opportunity to get a broad overview of all aspects of a digital strategy. I found it really useful to understand a number of areas of digital and then focus in on a couple of areas that interested me most.”

Tell us a bit about your story before enrolling in the Postgraduate Diploma?

Before I started the course I was an account manager for, selling websites to SMEs.


What made you decide to study digital marketing?

I wanted to start learning best practice and gain the knowledge to actually implement campaigns myself, this in return would help me to have the confidence to get a more practical digital job.


Why did you choose to study the Professional Diploma with us?

The London School of Digital Marketing offered a recognised qualification that is taught by real industry professionals. For my style of learning I required a course that was hands-on, visual and interactive. This course gave me a foundation and a helicopter view of all the main digital channels and how to put them together into a fully converged digital strategy.


Is there any advice you would give to new students?

To really give yourself a good platform, the professional diploma is a great starting point. It’s a well constructed course, taught by people who are doing this every day, they will teach you exciting, current information and also new trends around the corner.